Please complete the form using the link above if your team wants to request a board review for a team that was a late cancel or no show for a game. 


Please keep in mind if a Forfeit is approved, the PENALTY for a FORFEIT is as follows-

The Forfeiting Team:

  • Will get MINUS 3 points in the standings
  • Must pay a $200 forfeit fine

The Following Fees will be incurred regardless of the result of the Forfeit if notice was not given within the guidelines:

  • Must pay referee fees for both teams
  • Must pay any applicable field/assignor fees
  • May be put on bad standing with Ohio South and  BPYSL. 

***We encourage teams to try to workout a replay date to get the game played rather than request a Forfeit. The team that cancelled late or did not show will still be responsible for the original game referee fees and any applicable field fees but should be accommodating as much as possible to get the game replayed.